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Application Quality and Performance Services

Cost overruns, missed deadlines, poor performance, and incorrect or misunderstood requirements are among the many reasons software projects fail. All too often, organizations perform only the lowest levels of testing to ensure system modifications function properly. The absence of a thorough quality and performance assurance program can end up costing companies far more in development time, downstream impact, and long term maintenance and support. The unfortunate result is unsatisfied customers and disgruntled users.


Through Brightwing’s Application Quality and Performance (QaP) Services, we strive to ensure projects get delivered on time, on budget, and with the functionality and performance that is expected. We get involved at the beginning of the project delivery life cycle to ensure there is a clear understanding of the requirements. Our QaP team will plan and deploy the quality and testing processes that ensure early defect resolution, performance and scalability requirements, and the identification and isolation of defect issues to ensure timely resolution.


The Result

We deliver higher quality, more maintainable application systems that perform and scale, keeping users satisfied and motivated.