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Project-Based Recruiting to Maximize results

Brightwing provides scalable project-based recruiting services to help you reach your recruitment goals. Whether you are experiencing rapid organizational growth, the launch of a new product, or a steady flow of ongoing hiring, we can help. Our experienced project recruitment team becomes an extension of your organization. Consider us your recruitment partner.


Our project-based recruiting service includes sourcing, qualifying, and aligning candidates, as well as coordinating interviews, making offers, and providing onboarding support. Ultimately, we create recruiting strategies that help you meet your timeline, simplify processes, reduce costs, and ensure long tenure.


We understand that hiring new employees is an investment in the future of your organization.  Therefore, we ask a lot of questions. We get to know you, your organization’s culture, and the type of employees who succeed in your environment. We visit your office and have in-depth conversations with current employees and managers. This high level of engagement and attention to detail allows us to take a consultative approach to not only uncover exactly what you’re looking for, but also your long-term organizational goals.


Let us help you maximize your recruiting efforts while minimizing costs. Call Brightwing today at 855.379.0450.


"The company’s structure, the quality of the people we are dealing with…from the president of Brightwing to the contract employees provided…proved to us they are a good organization. They are people-oriented and responsive. Those are the important factors in maintaining a customer relationship because customer service is important. We were fortunate to get this company and they have done an admirable job with the contract."
-DOT, Procurement Service Manager