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A Trusted partner for your Executive Job Search

We have a proven track record of helping our clients identify and hire executive leadership through our executive job search services. Brightwing has over four decades of recruiting experience and can provide strategic insight into the employment market in your industry.  We can help you source, pre-screen, create a short-list of candidates, and assist in candidate assessment. For every executive search project, we provide dedicated resources at each step of the process.


Our people and process drive results

During the onset of an executive job search project we get to know you, the culture of your organization, and your unique challenges. This allows us to create a detailed profile of the position that goes beyond the experience and qualifications needed and identifies the values, drive, and passions required to make the candidate truly successful in the role.


Our sourcing and executive job search strategy is customized for each executive search project. We utilize our knowledge of the marketplace, extensive network, and in-depth research to find candidates. We leverage our experience and network to help you find the best candidate for your leadership team, not just the candidates that are actively searching the job boards.


Throughout every stage of the executive job search, we practice complete transparency and have weekly status updates and progress reports to include you in every step of the process.  We also give you deep insight into the talent marketplace. This partnership yields the most efficient and effective results.


Once candidates are pre-screened and evaluated against documented requirements, we meet with them in person or via video conferencing to further assess behavioral, cultural, and overall fit. Only candidates that meet these standards are recommended for further consideration. As a part of our executive search service, we also provide a customized candidate evaluation template to help you in your decision making process.


Our competitive advantage lies in having business intelligence and an extensive network built over four decades of building relationships. We drive exceptional results because we’re committed to open and honest dialogue through every step of the executive search.


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