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Our success in recruiting and staffing has come from the creation of partnerships with our clients and mutual trust. The fact is, the ideal staffing solutions are not necessarily obvious. We work with you to find the right formula for your organization.


Hiring the right people involves more than the latest automated tools and processes; it takes intuitive recruiters, attention to detail, and a personal touch. Recruiting the right employee is as much an art as it is a science and the right recruiter makes all the difference.


Our recruiting process and flexible staffing solutions fill critical vacancies, reduce bad hires, and position new employees for long-term productivity.


Our success is driven by Brightwing’s team, who rely on collaboration, intuition, and market intelligence to consistently deliver:


  • A select few candidates that are a cultural, skills, and core value fit
  • Reduced cycle time to hire
  •  Accelerated employee productivity from day one
  • Retention rates that exceed industry averages


All of our candidates go through Brightwing’s in-depth, comprehensive process to uncover their qualifications, interests, and career expectations. Many of our Brightwing recruiters have decades of experience and are adept at uncovering a candidate’s true character and core values. We have in-depth conversations with past managers, team leads, and supervisors. We also evaluate a candidate’s career expertise by putting their real life work experience to the test. By the time a candidate is presented to a client, we have a clear view of how they will perform. Throughout the entire process we keep our client’s needs in mind.


Our Recruiting and Staffing Solutions:


"We are not the best fit for every company, and we are not the traditional employment agency or headhunter. But, if you are serious about elevating your organization’s culture and employee engagement while reducing employee turnover, then we are your ideal staffing and recruiting partner."
-George Opitz, President of Brightwing