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At Brightwing, staffing and recruiting is about people. We believe they make all the difference. Not only the people who join your organization, but also the professionals you trust to find those exceptional individuals. We empower your organization by attracting exceptional candidates vital to your company’s success. We help you retain exceptional performers by acquiring a deep understanding of both your organization and the candidate. This necessitates going far beyond job boards, because the best and brightest are often the one’s you’ve never heard about.


Successful placement requires intuition, market intelligence, and business acumen. There is no shortcut. We invest time to nurture relationships and build trust with our vast network of high caliber performers. As a result, we possess a lucid understanding of candidate goals and aspirations in advance. This saves time, ensuring clarity of vision and expectations of both employer and employee.


Discover how Brightwing can attract, align, and retain the employees most vital to the success of your organization.

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"I speak with a lot of different recruiting firms and was impressed with the level of engagement that I received from Brightwing from day one. A lot of recruiters just assume that since they have recruited for the same type of position before they have enough information to find us the right candidate. Brightwing made the effort to understand our organization and not just the job description. I was impressed with their high level of responsiveness and business IQ."
-Rick Rosario, CDW