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Brightwing is celebrating 40 years by spreading kindness forward!

Let us know how you pay it forward! With a 40 year legacy built upon a foundation of People-Centricity we have decided to give back, and want to challenge you to do the same. How would you celebrate your 40th birthday?


A lavish hollywoodesque party?  Hire Jay-Z to perform for your closest 300 friends.  What about something more intimate, like dinner with friends and family at your favorite restaurant.   What about a 10 day retreat to your favorite destination?  Mexico, Fiji, maybe skiing in Colorado?


I can tell you that we had thought of it all.  And then we came to our senses.


For Brightwing, the last 40 years has been a glorious, humbling, educating, inspiring and at times trying journey.  Reflecting back, we realized that there have been so many truly wonderful people that have contributed to our evolvement and success.  We have touched many people that have given so much of themselves to see us thrive and prosper.

We want to see how far a quarter will go. Share your story!


Erin S. says: April 12, 2013 at 4:47 pm

I found your envelope at macomb community college. I removed the envelope then proceeded to tape three envelopes to different vending machines with $2 in each of them with a note saying to pay it forward.


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