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Self-Driving Cars- Automotive News


Self-driving cars conceptFrom Ford to Tesla, the automotive industry is rapidly moving forward with self-driving cars. With such a great and innovative technology at their fingertips, every company is working towards perfecting these vehicles to release them into the market. It’s a fact that self-driving cars are bound to transform and impact the automotive industry. We are seeing it now, and we will continue to see it as these vehicles grow. That’s why there’s no surprise that such widely known companies are partaking in the development of self-driving cars.


CB Insights highlights “33 Corporations Working On Autonomous Vehicles” that are taking a main role in this project’s development, including:










and even Uber!







As you can see (and as you may have guessed) tech companies are heavily involved as well! One of the most known tech giants working in this is Google, but Apple and Microsoft are not too far behind. They have both started to research and develop the most high-tech systems to make these self-driving cars a reliable reality. Furthermore, suppliers are also keeping up with the new technology. For example, an Audi with Delphi technology recently saw success by driving 3,000 miles on its own 99% of the time. With such advancements, automotive companies have also started to set launching dates. Nissan predicts to have 10 self-driving cars on sale by 2020, along with other companies like PSA Groupe, Volvo and BMW who all predict to have some sort of autonomous mode during this time as well.


Whether you’re a fan of self-driving cars or not, this innovation is sure to shake things up in the automotive industry.


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William K. says: October 6, 2016 at 8:28 pm

The biggest promotors of this destined to fail fiasco are the companies that will make a lot of money selling the hardware and the software to make the cars function. But since “nobody” will be responsible for the accidents and fatalities that certainly will happen, and since the ultimate result will be traffic slowdowns that most folks are not able to imagine, the best thing will be for the whole madness to end before much more time and money is wasted. The unstated barrier is that the requirements for additional infrastructure will cost way more than has ever been mentioned, and unless the USA population wishes to be taxed as never before, they will refuse to make it happen.

We already know that well over 80% of all accidents are caused by driver inattention, euphamisticly called “distracted driving”, and so the real solution is clear, which is to remove the distractions. But those distractions are the big profit items and so it just will not happen.


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