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Texas Is The Place To Be For IT Professionals


IT professionalsAs technology grows, IT professionals are in high-demand all around the globe. However, various companies have taken a special interest in Texas. After all, a growing state is perfect for a growing industry. According to Forbes, Austin, TX holds the “strongest expansion in tech sector employment of any of the nation’s 52 largest metropolitan areas” (Kotkin). Best part? Not only are various opportunities arising, but these opportunities come with bigger paychecks.


TechRepublic, a site which educates and empowers IT professionals to grow in the business, presents an interesting report “What cities are most profitable for these common tech jobs?” highlighting various positions where IT professionals get the most value. While Silicon Valley is known for being home to the largest technology companies, employees may not be better off there. In fact, more than half of these positions ranked number one in Austin, Texas. These include:


  • Software Architect


  • Data Scientists


  • Database Administrator


  • Devops Engineer
  • Java Developer


  • Mobile Developer


  • Front End Developer


  • Web Developer








Various companies are making the big move to Texas, and the growth is expected to continue. As the next tech hub, IT professionals in the area are in great position to grow within the industry. Check out some of Brightwing’s open IT positions located throughout Texas.

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