Is Your Company Aware of the Current Employment Trends?

Is Your Company Aware of the Current Employment Trends?


A couple weeks ago, we discussed how hiring managers and recruiters are getting ahead in 2016. There are many recruiting tips and tactics that will help get you there, but you must also be conscious of the current employment trends, and job market. Here are a few trending articles to get you started:


242K Jobs Added In Feb, Unemployment Rate Steady At 4.9%

The latest labor market reckoning out from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday showed stronger than anticipated job growth and signs that discouraged workers are not only jumping back in the game, but also finding work quickly when they do. The Data…



5 Tech Sector Employment Trends

A new study by CompTIA on job growth in the US tech sector – Tech needs more skilled workers. The report relies on job posting data, which is a good indication of real-time employer demand. Job posting data can give insight into the types of skills employers are looking for, the kind of companies that are especially aggressive in recruiting tech talent and the geographic locations where hiring is happening. Read more…


Best and Worst Graduate Degrees for Jobs in 2016

In the United States, average tuition for a master’s degree can be nearly $30,000 at public universities and $40,000 at private institutions. To determine the best and worst graduate degrees for jobs, Fortune asked the careers site PayScale to run the numbers. Read more…


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