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Closing the Deal as a Hiring Manager in 2016


hiring manager 2016The economy as it relates to the recruiting industry is in an interesting place. From 2010 to 2013, we witnessed a recession bounce-back – both demand (job requisitions) and supply (candidates) were on a steady rise. The last few years has been a different story though. Demand for high caliber IT and Engineering professionals has been constant, but the supply hasn’t.

So how do hiring managers and recruiters get ahead in 2016? For one, they must always be closing. In other words, making sure your hiring process is efficient and timely is important when candidates often have 4-5 other companies fighting for them. If you don’t make it all about them, you may be wasting your time.

Here are a few more trendy recruiting tips to assure your hiring process is where it needs to be:


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