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Your 2016 Job Search – 3 Trending Topics


job search, don't just stand thereJob search can be daunting at times – Most of us have been there a time or two… or eight. Nevertheless, as an engineer, you are likely to have many options available. That being said, it’s possible that you still find yourself at a job you’re not happy with. Don’t let conformism take over your career! Here are some trending topics that cover staying motivated, cutting your job search in half, self promotion tips, and more.



Use These Tactics To Cut Your Job-Search Time In Half

Job-seekers are figuring out from harsh personal experience — the best teacher there is — that the traditional job-search machine is broken. It doesn’t work. You could literally lob applications into automated recruiting sites forever and never get a job. To get hired and especially to get a job that deserves your talents, you have to take a more proactive approach. Read more…



How To Stay Positive And Motivated While Job Searching

At the start of a job search, you may feel excited, but over time the excitement can fade. Here’s how to stay positive and motivated while job searching. Read more…



Difference Between Feeling Bored & Feeling Unhappy At Work

No one feels completely engaged at work all of the time, but if you are feeling these symptoms, it’s a clue that it’s time to take action. Read more…

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