Recruiting Trends 2016 - Breaking From the Norm

Recruiting Trends 2016 – Breaking From the Norm


It’s no secret that the demand for talent has surpassed supply. To counteract this, employers must break from the norm, get out of their comfort zones and bring candidate needs to the forefront. Top recruiting trends this week:


Hire the Best People, & Let Them Work from Wherever They Are

Most organizations say they are more open-minded than ever about virtual teams, and yet they still have old-school systems in place for hiring people across the country or around the world. From where I sit, the overlapping barriers come down to structure, culture, and mindset. Read more…


How to Conquer Recruiting, Retention and IT Skills Challenges

IT has become ingrained in every part of business strategy, so it’s not surprising that demand for tech talent is at an all-time high, forcing organizations to be creative when competing for talent. We’re already through the month of January and employers are looking down the barrel of a competitive 2016. Several industry experts offer their advice. Read more…


With Changing Job Climate, Employers Need to Break with Tradition to Find New Hires

Demand is outpacing the supply of talent as baby boomers hit retirement age and the economy improves, putting pressure on companies to try new angles. Here are five less-obvious pools of talent that can bring fresh ideas to the company, as well as fill gaps. Read more…






Grasping Visa Rules Can Help in Hiring International Students

work visaInternational students majoring in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) fields can stay in the U.S. longer if they are using the OPT program. Read more…



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