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The Best Holiday Cookie Recipes


Maybe it’s because we are social by nature, but at Brightwing we have a lot of bakers who attend holiday cookie exchange parties. To help you out this busy month, we have compiled a list of the best holiday cookie recipes that you can take to cookie exchange parties, make for your home, or better, just give to a friend.

The absolute best Chocolate chip cookies

Chef Jacques’ Torres has written a tell all recipe for his favorite chocolate chip cookies. No juicy detail is left behind.

chocolate chip cookies

Seven Layer bars

I remember being a little kid at school bake sales and wondering what this delicious concoction was made out of. It turns out it’s not one but SEVEN ingredients that really make this cookie sing, and I am thankful for every single one.

 7 layer cookie

Gluten free brownies

Ok. This one is cheating, but you won’t feel guilty about a thing. Bob’s Red Mill Brownie mix is maybe the best thing to ever happen to my oven.  They taste like home made, are a time saver and do not have any wheat flour in them.

 gluten free brownies

Forgotten cookies

Fellow Brightwinger Ashley has been eating these cookies every single year since she can remember.  These delicious meringue cookies look like little snowy peaks, perfect to leave out for Santa and his reindeer.

meringue cookies

Pecan tassies

Imagine a pecan pie, shrunken down into a bite size dessert. These.Are. So. Good.

pecan tassies

We wish you the happiest of holidays, and hope that these holiday cookie recipes help you through cookie exchange season!

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