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There Are Good People in This World


2013 is Brightwing’s 40th Anniversary and we are all so proud to celebrate this momentous birthday. For us, the last 40 years has been a glorious, humbling, educating, inspiring and at times trying journey.  Reflecting back, we realized that there have been so many truly wonderful people that have contributed to our evolvement and success.  We have touched many people that have given so much of themselves to see us thrive and prosper. To celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to give back by paying it forward all year long.

On Friday, April 12 all of Brightwing divided into groups, and went around their cities and suburbs, college campuses and hospitals for our first event with quarters. The goal? To see how far a quarter would go. We wanted to do random acts of kindness throughout our communities, and start trends of paying it forward. While we can never know the stories from every envelope of quarters, we have a few of our own to share:

“I found your envelope at Macomb Community College. I removed the envelope then proceeded to tape three envelopes to different vending machines with $2 in each of them with a note saying to pay it forward.”

“I felt such a warm feeling afterwards. Spreading small acts of kindness really made me feel good about the world and want to continue to pay or forward throughout the weekend. I let people cut me in line at the grocery store and a few other small acts of kindness.”

“We walked into the hospital with our giant bag of envelopes stuffed with quarters. The security guards stopped us when we went through the metal detectors. We thought that we were going to be turned away, but once we explained that we were going to put envelopes of change to brighten someone’s day in a small way, they started laughing. They said ‘this is the first that we have ever heard of someone walking in here giving people money.’ They had a good laugh and then told us the best places to reach people.”

We are going to continue this goodwill throughout the year with different events every quarter, so stay tuned! If you have stories of how you have paid kindness forward, or witness someone in the act, please share with us here.



Author: Elyse Lopez


April says: April 17, 2013 at 9:25 am

Had an awesome time on Friday posting money on vending machines throughout Beaumont Hospital. Saw a few random people add money to the envelopes. So cool. Love my job!


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