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Baptism by Fire


At my last job, it was baptism by fire. There was no real training. My partner-in-crime had a total of about three months worth of experience – I had none – and we were expected to re-build our department after the company blew out our predecessors. So I took the stack of resumes they handed me, sifted through to pick out the people I thought met our qualifications, and started calling. Within days I was conducting phone interviews and determining which candidates would move forward to the next stage in the process. While it was nice to be busy from the get-go, and experience really is a great teacher, I probably could have used a little more guidance. There’s no need to bore new employees to tears with information and training overload, but striking a careful balance is probably the best way to engage them from the start.

Don’t get me wrong – the company I worked for did an excellent job training the majority of their employees. It was basically an entry-level sales organization, and they had a month long sales-process and product knowledge training program that gave the employees the tools they needed to be successful – if they used them properly – and continuous coaching and training as the sales people built their books of business. On the other hand, I felt like I had been left to figure things out for myself. As a result, I experienced a significant amount of frustration, much of which could have been alleviated had I received some formal training.

The company ended up closing about 5½ months after I started there, but I honestly don’t think I would have made it to a year. I probably would’ve been looking to take my newly self-developed skills to a new opportunity. As it is, I’ve been able to take the tools I learned at my last job and developed them more in-depth at my current position. I now understand more of the “why” and the “how” than just the “what” that I discovered out of necessity.

You must have a systematic and comprehensive onboarding process to improve the level of new hire engagement and reduce probability of leaving……

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Author: Rachel Harris

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