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A Homecoming


With the current economy, many workers have changed companies for one reason or another, only to eventually return to their original jobs. While our own Gary Ruby did not leave recently, he has come back to Brightwing (Yay!) after several years. He wanted to share his journey and insights as to what starting a new job at an “old” company was like for him:

I have been in recruiting and consulting services for over 30 years, yet have held very few jobs in my lifetime. Ironically, while I have advised and assisted many people how to change their jobs throughout my career, I have not had much experience doing it for myself. However, I have changed companies primarily based upon the people involved more than any other factor. To me it’s always been about the relationships, both internal and external.

At my last firm, I was there almost 14 years, and recently left to join Brightwing in Business Development. The most attractive aspect to me about Brightwing are it’s people and the character manifested at the core of the company. It is pervasive here and it means a lot to me as a motivator when I get in my car every day to drive across town.

My journey has been a bit more unusual in that I really grew up here at the company, where I started in this industry back in 1981 (yes, I’m THAT old). I liken my experience to the feelings you have when you go back to that house you grew up in as a child, and moved away, and haven’t visited in a long time. When you return, it’s all familiar and somewhat comfortable initially….but you know things have changed and it’s entirely different inside.

In my case, I really like what they’ve done with not only the curtains and carpeting but more importantly the very foundation and spirit of my first home. It feels great to be back!

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