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Do your company values support your success?


We all have personal values. I keep a post-it note on my wall with mine written out so when things seem to go haywire I can reaffirm them in a glance:

  • Tell the truth
  • Be yourself
  • Support your Team
  • Embrace change
  • Admit when you are wrong
  • Remember you are not on the transplant team ~ do not take yourself too seriously
  • Don’t compromise your values.

Companies often talk about “Corporate Values” but how many of them really hold true to them? How many are written, published and never adhered to? Why are corporate values important? They define what you stand for, what you are, what you represent and what you will deliver to your customer. In an article published this year, “How Core Values Drive Sales Performance”,  John Treace states, “Core values define company culture, which is a big part of why they’re so important to driving performance. We can represent the relationship this way:

 core values → company culture → actions/performance

For any sales team, the primary objective is to predictably and consistently produce sales, within budget and in accordance with our forecasts. Core values, and the company culture they support, are the most important ingredient in achieving predictability and consistency in the actions that bring about the results we want.”

Rick Tocquigny authored the book, “Core Values Can Be Strategic: How the Basic Values of Procter & Gamble Transformed Leadership at Fortune 500 Companies”. The book looks at the careers of Proctor and Gamble alumni that went on to be leaders in Fortune 500 companies and how the strong values at P&G influenced and molded them.

Brightwing is a great example of a company that lives their values. They are simply stated, eagerly embraced and represent who we are and what we stand for:

• People People: Maintaining a relationship based on a personal need to help and service others.

• Details, Details, Details: Providing a safe environment to uncover what matters most to those you serve – attention to the details that truly matter is imperative to your success.

• Positive Enthusiasm: We attract success to ourselves and those around us by believing “I Can.”

• Persistence: Possessing the inner drive to position oneself to overachieve daily.

• Family Centric:  Valuing those around you as a source and beneficiary of our success.

• Integrity: Treating all with dignity, honesty and respect means we shall receive it in kind.

For the first time in a long time, my personal values and the corporate values I work within are in harmony. It makes for a much better work life balance. Does your company live up to their values or are they just for show? Do they match or conflict with your personal ones? It is something to think about when considering a potential career change. To quote Rick Tocquigny  “The greater message—one that can have a huge impact on your own life or on the success of your family, community, or company—will come in recognizing how unchanging core values can become a strategic force in creating and perpetuating your long-term success.” Do your company values support your success?

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