No man is an Ireland: St. Patrick’s Day team building! - Brightwing

No man is an Ireland: St. Patrick’s Day team building!


This past weekend several of my fellow Brightwingers and I hit downtown Detroit for the 30th Annual Corktown Race. Some people ran, some people walked, but everyone crossed the finish line of one of Michigan’s largest 5km races.

Since January, most people at Brightwing have been focusing on slimming down and getting in shape. Everyone’s been working out together at lunch, sharing healthy snacks and bragging about the pounds they have lost (and rightfully so).  So when we threw out a 5K for a team building event some people were excited and some were downright scared.  Many people from Brightwing had never ran/walked in a race before, but now I am happy to say I think many of them are hooked. Accomplishing a new goal with your friends/co-workers is an amazing feeling.  Celebrating crossing the finish line with a celebratory green beer and watching a St. Patrick’s Day Parade doesn’t hurt either.

Each year the Corktown Race raises funds for the Saint Patrick’s Senior Center and the Community Health and Social Services Center (CHASS).  The race also falls on the same day as Detroit’s annual St. Patrick’s Parade. This year more than 65,000 people showed up to enjoy the parade and Brightwing was right in the middle of it.

Author: April Jennings

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