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Who in your office deserves the Golden Banana?


We recently had our 11th annual pre-Thanksgiving celebration at Brightwing and what a fantastic afternoon we had spending time with our extended family members – yes, our co-workers!  It was quite the feast – complete with several turkeys and all the trimmings, side dishes and all the desserts one could ask for.  On a side note:  WOW!  We have some people that can really impress with their culinary skills!  Several employees participated in the euchre card tournament and then there was the ‘make-shift’ gobbling event that brought laughter and groans.

With that said, sharing a meal with your work family can have the same positive effect  as having meal at home with your loved ones – a chance to exchange fun stories in an atmosphere that is absent of an agenda – sometimes the only real agenda is whether you have room for dessert!

The party got me thinking about how other companies and cultures feel about traditions in the workplace and what some of them do:

  • A Crate and Barrel  manager simply stated, “We do a lot of group eating.”
  • In merry old England, over half of the workers there feel that old fashioned traditions such as the Tea Trolley (a mid-afternoon ‘break’ from work when tea is offered to employees) made their office a more sociable and relaxed place to work – and a third felt it made them more motivated.
  • Some companies have a “work late night” to catch up on backlogged work and opt for a casual dress code and pizza for the staff.
  • Not all traditions involve food, at the Matrix Group, they have a pumpkin carving contest, funny awards and a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange during their holiday party.
  • At a Hewlett-Packard office a senior engineer handed an employee a banana – it was the only thing he could find quickly enough for his hard work – they now have the “Golden Banana Award” (given to hard-working employees).

At the workplace, building and maintaining friendships  lead to a happier and more productive workplace.

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving celebration:
















Author: Jason Hochstein

Hi, my name is Jason, I love working at Brightwing and talking to new people everyday – even though I am forced to work with my twin brother, Justin. I was told long ago to “Enjoy Life” because it will soon speed up and pass you by – so I am 48 going on 28.

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