I didn't want to be late for work again today so I called in sick instead! - Brightwing

I didn’t want to be late for work again today so I called in sick instead!


One of the challenges of working in Human Resources is sorting through the excuses people use for not coming to work. As with a lot of things in life, reality is much stranger than fiction. You have to be careful not to snicker when hearing that the employee was carrying a basket of laundry when she tripped over the dog who barked too loudly and scared the baby who then dropped the car keys down a heating vent and the employee is waiting for the repairman to come to her rescue!

Living in Michigan, one of the most common winter excuses employees have is the dreaded “flu”….the all-encompassing illness that no one wants detailed and that can take whole departments out of commission in a heartbeat. A good preventative practice is to offer your employees the opportunity to hl.klu vaccine at the expense of the company – since lost productivity will rack up much more expense than the cost of a flu shot.

Combining the shot with a health fair can also give employees access to their health carriers, who typically answer questions about coverage and provide plenty of good information on staying healthy (along with some goodies to entice people to attend). Brightwing held their health fair on Thursday, November 10 and 22 employees who participated are protected from this year’s flu strain.

For people who really need to take time off, the bad excuse is no excuse at all….honestly tell your boss that you need some time for yourself. Employees who give their best daily should be able to have an open conversation with their supervisors without making things up. Some ideas about pleasing both sides can be accessed HERE.

And for fun….HERE are some other excuses you may want to avoid.




Author: Karen Melvin, Human Resources Manager

I’ve been in HR management for over 20 years and try to successfully balance my time between my busy career and my awesome family (that includes 8 grandchildren with 3 more on the way).  Yes, I’m old, but inside my head I’m still 17, so I kind of have a Kid Rock/Neil Diamond perspective on life.

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