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The Reality of Your MSP


Staffing Industry Review recently featured an article called “Don’t Fight Your MSP” that detailed the benefits of choosing to work with a MSP. While the un-named supplier had a great deal of success in a short period of time, the long-term repercussions of working with a MSP is actually a cause worth fighting. I have been recruiting for over 30 years and have been engaged with many MSPs. Their prime value is to drive cost out of what the business champions consider a procurement activity. Talent acquisition for any organization should not be a procurement issue driven by squeezing costs out of the system and the vendors. Top performing organizations recognize their talent acquisition processes or activities as investments in their future. . Brand promise is delivered by the employees who work for you, and so more screening time is needed to assure a person of quality is found. Commoditizing talent is never a good thing. The reality of MSP managed “staffing” systems is that over time they almost always are a drain on the caliber of talent, and therefore the future potential of the organization. Shortcuts are made in the vendor’s processes, and the strength of the organization’s staff begins to decline.  In the long run, a MSP program is actually less cost effective because you are risking quality of candidates for a decrease in costs. People-centric recruiting is still the most profitable way to find employees in the long run.


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