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9/11 Remembered From the Canine Point of View


My name is Hank. I am the newly appointed Vice President of K9 Social Media at Brightwing and this is my first blog. I am a rescue dog and found my forever home five years ago in Atlanta with my human, her daughter and her other furry friends through the efforts of Labrador Friends of the South. Recently, we relocated to Dallas to accept our new positions and boy do we like it! My job is to give frontline information from the canine point of view.

I had a lot of ideas for this first blog but with all of the remembrances around the decade after 9/11, I thought it was appropriate that I put my paw in the ring so to speak. I was not alive to witness the events of those dark days, but I have heard a lot about it from my human. There were many unsung heroes during that difficult time and one group, the search and rescue dog teams, is the focus of a new book, Retrieved by Charlotte Dumas.  More than 400 dogs and their handlers from all over the world answered the call in the hopes of finding survivors. There were Labradors, German Shepherds, Alsatians, Rat Terriers, Australian Shepherds and more. The teams worked long hours in dangerous conditions. Their fur was singed, their paws were burned and cut but they kept working like dogs! Trained to find survivors, some dogs became depressed when they were not successful. The humans started staging mock rescues so my canine friends would feel the success of finding a living human.

The canine’s other contributions were impossible to measure. All of the humans-firefighters, handlers, cops- everyone was under tremendous stress. The canine workers were valuable for their therapeutic influences on the humans. Nothing can lift the human spirit like a big wet kiss or a gentle wagging tail. While many could not talk to their families or co-workers, the unrequited love of a dog became the safe place to shed the tears of sadness.

Most of the heroic dogs of 9/11 have crossed over the rainbow bridge although a handful remain, retired with their handlers. May we never forget the heroes of 9/11 both the two legged and four legged varieties.

Author: Hank and Karen Hall

“Howdy from Texas! I am Hank and I will be giving you the K-9 perspective on social media and the four legged point of view on the topics everyone is talking about!”

“Hi, I am Karen, a Business Development Manager in Texas. I am also Hank’s Mom and we are living proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks!”


craig says: September 30, 2011 at 2:55 pm

As humans we go from dark hair to grey hair, if we still have any left. I see Hank went from blond to dark chocolate hair. I will have to say that Hank has put on a little weight in the last five years????


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