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Personal Passion


For awhile now I have been stressing the issue of workplace culture. Because I am so amazing, I know that I have all of you hiring managers, employees, CEOs, and even those in between jobs devoting all of your time and effort to explaining this phenomenon. What is my workplace culture? Do I really fit into what they want? Am I doing something wrong? Why doesn’t anyone love me? These are all questions that you are asking yourself now or have in the past. Don’t fret, however.

Flight Restriction

Everyone wonders at some point in their business career whether or not they are up to the standards of their company. Take a breather. If your company has kept you around, you are most likely working out exactly how they wanted or better. Even if you are new to your job; you are there for a reason.

Take Off

I often wondered if I was falling short of my company’s big picture, but it actually took writing about workplace culture and time to see that, although I may not have understood 100% what made my company unique before, the experience and relationships one makes overtime bloom into exactly what defines his/her company’s core values.

Often time, people can see something in an individual that the individual cannot see themselves. Good hiring managers are able to spot talent and passion right away over those just trying to weasel their way in to make money. Even if the potential hire doesn’t understand fully from the start what it is they are representing, a hiring manager can see it in them regardless. Anyone can learn to do a job, but only those who want to do it can prosper.

I knew what Resource’s core values were on paper. The first couple weeks had me wondering, however, if I was actually the right fit. Overtime I learned that I was actually an amazing addition to the team. I was easy to get along with and I had the passion to produce quality work and impress these new people. I desired to give something of value and foster relationships with the people around me. In a nut shell, I was Resource. I was worried about letting anyone down, but not because I was scared to lose my job. I always had a previous job to fall back on until something else came along. No, I was scared because over the past few months I have grown attached to everyone around me. It didn’t matter what job title I held as long as I could show them that I wanted to be here.

Maintaining Altitude

I’m not concerned anymore. One amazing thing a company can do for its employees is provide feedback. It seems that every day I am given some sort of recognition for the work I am doing. When I open the company blog and see my name on the marketing team list, it still makes me smile. My boss asked me the other week if I could imagine myself working elsewhere now. I said no, and I meant it. This is what a company wants folks. It doesn’t matter if you are not the most prestigious potential hire as long as you can show them that you have the devotion for the company and your job.

I have written many articles over the past couple months, but I have never taken the time to write one that was something of value and told my story and experiences of growing within a company. Blog articles can’t always be me researching and asking questions. Sometimes the best stories to be told are the ones you live yourself. It’s all about the purpose and the people; not the money, and I don’t think I would fit in as well anywhere else…except Broadway of course!

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