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Brightwing Attends Michigan Emerging







On November 17, 2010, Brightwing, along with over 600 entrepreneurs, business leaders, change makers and supporters of Michigan, convened at the Ford Conference and Event Center in Dearborn for an amazing day of inspirational keynote presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions and networking.

“Michigan is emerging. Our state is reinventing itself and its workforce — just as we have before,” said event coordinators. “We are on the cusp of greatness. Our workforce is pushing for this, our business sector is pushing for this and our public servants are pushing for this. Michigan Emerging brought together the resources to highlight and facilitate that change.”

The day began with a keynote message highlighting all the evolving aspects taking place in Michigan. A panel discussion followed that focused on the top emerging sectors for 2010, what is coming, what needs to happen and how to become involved. The conference was designed to inform and enable those involved in this epic evolution. The day concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing and celebrating individuals and companies that are leading the change and succeeding.

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