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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Borra

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Borra


This is the first installment of our Employee Spotlight series! Each blog in this monthly series will introduce you to a different member of our team—giving you a peek into what makes us tick as a company and as individuals.   This month, we’re featuring Ryan, Brightwing’s 2017 Employee of the Year. He’s exemplified what it…

Which Recruiter Is Really Worth Your Time

Which Recruiter Is Really Worth Your Time?


Does it seem like recruiters are constantly flooding your LinkedIn and email inboxes? You’re not alone. There are about 20,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the United States, which equates to an enormous number of people who are looking for skilled individuals just like you. Spurred by talent shortages in the IT, Engineering, and Finance…

4 Locations with the Highest Demand for Engineers

4 Locations with the Highest Demand for Engineers


Engineering is a field that has historically seen strong demand, but with a current unemployment rate of 1.7%, the need for talent in the field is reaching a fever pitch. Hiring managers can’t find enough engineering talent, while professionals working in the field are finding it overwhelming to sift through the sheer number of opportunities…

12 Employment Statistics to Know for 2018

12 Employment Statistics to Know for 2018


The new year brings new goals for every company—and if you’re planning to bring on new talent, it’s critical to understand the relationship between potential candidates and your company. There are many things that affect your ability to hire top talent, but understanding the job market, your candidate experience, and employee engagement will help you…

A Framework for Reaching Your Career Goals

A Better Framework for Reaching Your Career Goals


Are you working to pay the bills or are you inspired, fulfilled, and content with your current career path? There’s a huge difference between the two, and getting from one to the other is no accident.   With an overwhelming majority of New Year’s resolutions losing steam after just a few days or weeks, most…

32 Top IT Skills for 2018

32 Top IT Skills for 2018


As IT functions continue to stretch deeper into every industry and sector, there’s no denying how robust the market is. The tech unemployment rate sits at just 2.5 percent, often dropping as low as zero percent in fields like cybersecurity. But it’s not enough to say that the IT industry is booming. What do these…

GM Zero-Emission Future

GM’s Plan for New Vehicles and a Zero-Emission Future


On October 2, GM announced its plans to globally launch at least 20 new all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the year 2023. In fact, it intends to release two of these new vehicles within the next 18 months. This launch plan supports GM’s vision of an “autonomous, zero-emission future,” which the company’s CEO Mary Barra recently…