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Experts in Advanced Driver Assist Systems

We have over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry. As the industry advances, Brightwing continues to evolve as subject matter experts in the latest technologies. Our recruiters and business development professionals are in front of the curve. We focus on filling high-level, strategic positions that propel our clients and the candidates we place to the next level.


Brightwing has extensive expertise recruiting Advanced Driver Assist System Professionals for our multiple Tier 1 Supplier partners.


Proven expertise:

• Thorough understanding of the various departments and roles within Advanced Driver Assist Systems
• Proven track record of delivering on exclusive Advanced Driver Assist Systems projects
• Experience creating robust ADAS candidate referral programs



DAS, Passive Safety, Active Safety, Safety Systems, Optics Division, ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Department, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Department


Advanced Driver Assist Systems Projects

Adaptive Cruise Control, Optics, Automated Lighting, Automatic Breaking, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Centering Assist, Following Distance Indication, Vision Systems, Sensor Technology, Embedded Hardware/Software, ASIC Technical Specialist, Software Application Engineer, Requirements Engineers, Product Engineers, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Program Manager


Engineering Job Titles

Embedded Software Engineer, Resident Engineer, Printed Circuit Board Designer, Software Integrator, Software Architect, Test Project Lead, Configuration & Change Management, Software Manager, Embedded Hardware Engineer, ASIC Technical Specialist, Software Application Engineer, Requirements Engineers, Product Engineers, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Program Manager


Engineering Software Skill Sets

Printed Circuit Boards, AUTOSAR, SPICE, C++, – C#, Rhapsody, Embedded Software, Embedded Hardware, Micro Controllers, Electronic Control Units, Body Control Modules, Vehicle Architecture


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