George Albert Opitz - Brightwing

George Albert Opitz



I have been part of the Brightwing family since its early years when I began my career as a recruiter in 1979. After opening an office in Houston, Texas, I transitioned to Michigan in 1983, pursuing new opportunities in the automotive industry. In 1987, I  assumed the position as President of Brightwing.


After becoming President of Brightwing, I elevated the organizations service offerings beyond staffing and recruiting to a full-service Talent Acquisition and Talent Management firm. I am an expert in the recruiting and staffing process, as well as, delivering organizational alignment, employee engagement, and performance management solutions to middle market organizations and second-stage entrepreneurs.


Recruiting and staffing have been a part of my life for a long time now. There is no substitute for the human element of the business. Strong relationships with the people around me, whether they are a coworker, client, or candidate, have made all the difference. I have seen the company change and grow, but my resolve has stayed the same. I believe the key to our or any organizational success is employee engagement, focusing on investing in people, allowing them to grow, and having fun while providing a challenging work environment.


I have been married to my wife Susan for over 25 years and have two beautiful children. Outside of the office I enjoy golf, squash, racquetball, skiing, and snowmobiling. My family and I love any opportunity to spend time in northern Michigan during the summer and winter.