Aaron Chernow - Brightwing

Aaron Chernow



I began my career at Brightwing in 1995. In 2005, I took over as Chief Executive Officer of the company after spending several years as the Chief Operating Officer. Before that, I acted as Vice President for 5 years in the Southeast and 2 years in Michigan. In my present role, I uphold the framework of Brightwing. I am responsible for the company’s strategic direction, operational performance, and its overall well-being as it continues to move forward.


To me, people are the driving force for anything I choose to undertake. They are what pushes a community forward and helps one overachieve daily. I look at the whole person in my employees, who all have families, personalities, and dreams. Other companies might say that they know what their culture is, but no one knows and emphasizes it as much as me and my team at Brightwing. You know right away when you walk into the building that I have picked the right people to represent my ideas. Smiling and motivated faces greet you around every corner and are represented by pictures of staff on the walls as well. Employees engage in yoga sessions in the workout room during break, and others might even be taking a paid day off to volunteer at a local charity.


On an individual level, I have long recognized the importance of charity in my life and the life of the businesses and organizations I represent. As a practicing attorney, I contributed my time and legal efforts in representing children as a Guardian Ad Litem and those in need of legal services who could not afford them. Currently, I serve as a Board Member of JVS, a nonprofit entity whose mission is to help the people of metro-Detroit find gainful employment. It all goes back to my philosophy: to invest in people is the best way to help a community grow and thrive. I have been married for over 15 years. Outside of the office, I enjoy music, playing golf, and chasing after my three beautiful children and their activities.