About Brightwing - Brightwing


Our Beginning. Before it was our brand statement, it was our mission: To help people rise and shine. We opened our doors in 1973 as Lincoln Technical Services, providing contract staffing to the Detroit Metropolitan area, we hadn’t yet begun to use these words, but we had begun to form our core values and our beliefs in the importance of helping people make a difference in their workplace.


Our Growth. Over the years we have expanded our expertise to many different industries and markets. As we helped individuals and companies grow, we grew with them. We increased our service offerings as our organization evolved, finding ways to help our clients enrich their workplace as we continued seeking new ways to elevate human performance. Not only did we teach this model to our clients, we practiced this thinking within our own walls, refining our solutions as we tackled issues an employer or worker might face.


Our Promise. Now, after 40 years, we have become experts in the field. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves a traditional recruiting and staffing agency. We operate on an entirely different level. We hire to our core values. Invest in our people. Engage our workforce in a way that stirs loyalty and passion for what we do. What this means to you is that our model is proven ― and more, that we promise to share our knowledge so you can realize the same success.


"Brightwing creates an experience that is refreshingly different from the “traditional” staffing methods our team has utilized in the past. We were pleased by the delivery of their value proposition. Their leadership, their operational staff and their recruiting teams have been visible throughout our partnership and the candidates we have hired have been outstanding."
-OGE Energy Corporate HR Manager