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Recipe for a Successful Office Party – Brightwing Style!


Traditions are a big thing here at Brightwing. And Halloween is no exception. You can expect that as the end of October approaches something fun is on its way and it will be bigger than the year before. Don’t waste your time on boring gatherings around the water cooler. Put a party committee together and think outside of the box for your next office party. Make it more than just cupcakes in the kitchen. Set your sights on a party worth attending and each year your tradition will become less about the party more about the friendship, fun and camaraderie your coworkers share.

Halloween in the “B” (Brightwing):

Spooky Decorations are a must to set the mood.






Something wicked this way comes.

Carol Koskyn, Adv. Coorinator and April Jennings, Marketing Director















Worm bobbing with the CMO and President.

David Chernow, CMO and George Albert, President











A little Punk’n to make things sweet.

Business Development Manager, Katey Olsowy’s daughter, Arianna















Elvis has entered the building!

Doug Zieleniewski, Sr. Business Development Manager















Mummy wrapping the office singer – mouth first.

Justin Hochstein, Sr. Recruiter















Cruella and her pack.

CEO, Aaron Chernow as Cruella. Judi Audet, Karen Melvin, Dianne Gladstone, Sarah Rastigue, Cindy Daugherty and Cindy Peznowski as the pack
















Finding Waldo.

George Liebau, Systems Administrator














  Carol Koskyn

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.”


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