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3 Steps for Success for Engineering Professionals


Engineering professionals are one of the most sought after individuals in the job market. In fact, according to Forbes, industries that haven’t needed engineers in the past, are now actively looking to fill these critical positions. With a wide range of opportunities available, it’s a great time to be an engineer!  Be sure to follow…

IT jobs

IT Jobs: 10 Interview Tips to Showcase Your Skills


So, you say you’re an incredible .Net Developer? That’s awesome, but if you have trouble communicating your expertise to a non-technical interviewer, we’re here to help! Our IT recruiting team has truly seen it all. With much experience, finding great IT jobs for tech professionals is our bread and butter. I sat down with our recruiters…


What’s Your Company Culture?


Company culture is everything. It turns an ordinary business into something extraordinary! but what exactly makes up a company culture? To keep it simple, we’ve narrowed it down to two main ideas: People and Vision.   People– We believe that people make all the difference! This is why our entire business is based on going beyond a…


Love Your Job In 5 Simple Ways


There is unprecedented joy in loving where you currently are in the process of life rather than focusing solely on where you think you should be. So here are 5 small changes to help you love the job you have right now.


Cars of 2016


As the year comes to an end, we are reminiscing on the innovations and growth in the automotive industry during 2016. Though we often hear of autonomous cars, and new technology, design is also changing. From trucks to sport cars, they’ve all been getting a new look. It’s interesting to see how cars have evolved…

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Security Measures in the Automotive Industry


Technology in cars is quickly evolving. With that, however, it’s important to take security measures into account similar to the Aviation industry. Over the years, cyber crime has quickly increased, making it easier for hackers to tap into confidential information. The more technology rises, the more these individuals find tools and new ways to break…


Quitting Your Job? 5 Things to Consider


Quitting your job is a big move that, if done right, may be beneficial to your career. However, make sure it is the right time and for the right reasons. With such a big change, it’s crucial that you are strategic when quitting your job, to position yourself to move forward in your career rather…