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Rise and Shine


Finding the right people involves more than automated tools and processes, it takes intuition and personal touch.


We've always been motivated by a sincere desire to help others. And to help you, we must first find out what defines you as a person.


Every organization has the potential to excel. It is simply a matter of drawing out the best in each and every person.


Staffing Solutions, Recruiting, Training, Performance, and Learning Solutions

We view people holistically. It's at our very core. We're not recruiters in the traditional sense. We're not trainers, either. We're a team of inspired professionals dedicated to rising above conventional models to enhance performance levels in the workplace. We understand how people work and interact. We believe it takes a personal approach. It also takes knowledge and intuition that can only be gained through 35 years of experience in asking the right questions.

Get to know us better. Discover how we can help elevate your performance to new heights. It's time to rise and shine.


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Recruiting Millennials

The Science behind Recruiting Millennials


When it comes to recruiting Millennials, it’s a whole different ball game. Also known as Generation Y, Millennials were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. This new generation of workers is already starting to reshape the workplace. They have grown up with more information at their fingertips than any other generation and […]